Story added: 23rd January 2020

Charity partners, race transfers and waiting's how you can be there on race day

Well, that was quick.

We thought it might be this year, having sold out in four days in 2019, but we didn’t expect it to be that quick. Nor, judging by our inbox 0n the day after entry day, did many of you.

If you weren’t one of the lucky 8,500 entrants who secured their place, we’ve outlined the various ways you could still be there on the big day.

1. Join CSF’s waiting list

We (race organisers the Community Sports Foundation) also sold out all of our places yesterday. As the official race charity, we have a large number of runners taking part this year (over 550), so it’s likely our waiting list will come into play.

You’ll need to be prepared to raise £100 through fundraising should you get offered a place, and, of course, rock one of our iconic yellow t-shirts on race day. The t-shirt (or vest) comes as part of the package, as well as access to our VIP area in the Race Village.

Find out more and add yourself to our waiting list, click here.

2. Run for one of our Charity Partners

Earlier this year, we revealed that we had chosen a dozen local charities to be Charity Partners this year, with each to receive 30 places.

Some of these charities have yet to fill all their places, including Home Start Norfolk and YMCA Norfolk.  See which of our Charity Partners are still recruiting runners here, and their fundraising requirements. But don’t sit on it – demand is high!

3. Secure a transfer

Calf strains. Work. That second cousin’s wedding in Winnersh.

There are a lot of unforeseen events that’ll pop up between now and race day for our 8,500 entrants, who have the luxury of a deadline date of Tuesday 1st September to transfer their place should they wish.

Obviously, there won’t be many looking to transfer now, but as we approach race day those places will start cropping up left, right and centre.

With a little bit of patience, faith, and persistence (particularly on social media) you may just strike lucky.

To make it easier for you, we’ve set up an official thread dedicated to transfers on the Run Norwich Community group on Facebook. Click here to join the group, and be sure to check in regularly.

4. Volunteer!

Of course, the other option is that you turn the negative of missing out on its head, and put yourself forward as a volunteer.

It’s an altogether different experience, but – by all accounts – just as exhilarating.

You’ll feel plenty of love on race day, get a goody bag of your own, and still get to be part of that race day atmosphere. There’s a reason 96.6% of our volunteers would recommend the experience to a friend.

Remember, Run Norwich can only take place because of volunteers, so this is the perfect chance to give something back. Register your interest here.

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