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Recover Physio's step-by-step guide for race day preparation

Our physiotheraphy partners Recover Physio have put together some of their tips for race day. Check them out:

The Day Before

1. Don’t try anything new!

The big day is tomorrow. The last thing you want is to be feeling ill tomorrow morning. Don’t dramatically change your diet, try new supplements or copy how other people prepare.

2. ‘Carb-load’

You may have heard of “carbo-loading”, this just means having slightly more carbohydrates than usual in the build up to the event. How much depends on what your ‘normal’ diet consists of but just having slightly more bread, pasta or rice with each meal through the day will be a big help.

3. Drink water

Again, how much depends on what you are used to, but small sips throughout the day (you should never feel bloated on water) will make sure you wake up hydrated.

4. Stay off alcohol

Leave alcohol until after the race. It’s important to have a great night’s sleep and be as hydrated as possible.

5. Listen to your body

If you feel like going for an easy jog, a walk or a swim then do it. If you feel like putting your feet up then that’s fine too. Everyone prepares in different ways and your body will tell you what to do. There is no right or wrong answer.

6. Be prepared

There’s nothing worse than being rushed in the morning. Get everything ready and packed the day before.

Race Day

1. Wake up early

Leave yourself plenty of time for a breakfast. Try a good mix of protein and carbohydrates (but don’t have anything your body isn’t used to) along with regular, small amounts of water and your usual amount of caffeine.

2. Get to the race village early

You’ve trained hard for this so soak up the atmosphere. Arrive early to get your bearings, drop off your baggage and, of course, visit Recover Physiotherapy for your pre-race warm ups and massages.

3. Stick to your routine

If you don’t drink four sports drinks before you train, then it’s not a good idea to start this morning.

4. Visit the bathroom

Go just before you leave in the morning, and around 1 hr to 30 mins before the race start. You know what to do…

5. Enjoy the run

Don’t put any pressure on yourself. Enjoy the people cheering you on, enjoy seeing Norwich from a different perspective, and enjoy the feeling of getting that medal at the end! In short: enjoy it.

After the run

1. Refuel

Replace your carbohydrates with an energy bar (there’ll be an Eat Natural bar in your finisher’s goody bag) or whatever you are most used to. Protein will help your muscles to recover. Rehydrate with some water, especially if it’s a warm day.

2. Recover

Visit Recover Physiotherapy at the Race Village for your well deserved soft tissue massage and plenty of tips on what to do over the next few days.

About Stuart Wardle

About Stuart Wardle

Stuart Wardle is a Director of Recover Physiotherapy Ltd and an Associate Lecturer on the BSc and MSc Physiotherapy course at UEA.

He worked as a physio at Norwich City FC from 2010 – 2017, before leaving to build Recover Physiotherapy. Specialising in Physiotherapy, Soft Tissue Therapy and Pilates, they have 10 therapists in three locations around Norwich.

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